Top Radio DJ’s of All Time

Household names

There have been many successful radio DJ’s over the years, but only some have become famous and become household names. Casey Kasem was one such person. He, in fact, was one of the co-founders of the very well-known and popular America Top 40 which was a countdown of the best songs. This then led to America Top 20 and America Top 10 as well as his own top music lists. He was so popular that he became a household name in America and many people were shocked at his passing.

Ryan Seacrest is probably one of the most well-known and popular people working in television and radio today. Starting off in the television show “American Idol”, he has since branched into radio and taken over the syndicated American Top 40 countdown starting in 2004. Fortunately, the void left by Casey Kasem on this show was quickly filled by Ryan who proved to be as good at the job. At about the same time Ryan replaced the host of the morning show that was on the Los Angeles radio station KIIS.

Shock jocks!

Some radio DJ’s are very controversial and may by the topics they choose to discuss, or by the very comments they make, come to be called “shock jocks”. There are a couple of top DJs who are so-called “shock jocks”.

Howard Stern, for instance, is a modern-day radio DJ who can be heard on Sirius XM radio. He is known for his talk show: The Howard Stern Show, which ran on regular radio, before satellite radio. His show did so well it went into syndication, and today he can still be heard, but on satellite subscription radio instead. Stern was known to often tackle controversial topics and was known for edgy radio. It is no surprise that he was quickly named as a “shock jock” radio personality.

Another controversial host is Rush Limbaugh whose show is really mostly about political topics. Another edgy “shock jock” radio DJ is Chris Moyles, who is on the radio in England. He is largely credited for saving the Radio 1 in Britain, and also has had his share of controversy because of some of the comments he has made in the past.

Female DJs

Radio also has some top female DJ’s who have massive audiences. Delilah Rene Luke is an American radio host who is well-known for her show Delilah. She takes song requests and song dedications and her show is actually worth $15 million. Her program airs on 171 radio stations all across the United States, with millions of people tuning in every night from 7pm to midnight.

A good radio DJ can make or break a radio station, which is something that managers at radio stations recognize. The top DJs are those individuals who are talented and who appeal to massive numbers of people. It is not unusual to have millions of people listening to these DJs and the programs that they host.