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The UNESCO Dedicated The World Radio Day To Radio

The World Radio Day took place for the ninth time on February 13 this year. The UNESCO announced this worldwide in 2009. The reason was the memory of the founding of United Nations Radio on February 13, 1946. After all, radio is the information source that is easily available for many people around the world. Thus it became an essential factor in the formation of new opinions and the development of democracy. This status is recognized accordingly by the listeners. Radio is held in high regard and is a reliable source of news and severe information. You can also see that in the audience ratings. Until these days people like to listen radio for good music and information.

The UNESCO Dedicated The World Radio Day To Radio
The UNESCO Dedicated The World Radio Day To Radio

In the age of digitalization, radio also experienced a leap in quality. The oldest electronic mass medium in the world benefits from new transmission technologies as well as from the Internet. Now listeners have even better transmission quality and even more choice of programs. Since the technology works independently of the Internet in many areas, it is also crisis-proof. It ensures that the supply of important information continues to function in the event of a network failure. Radio has also done great things for the development and success of more popular music. So it’s no wonder that numerous singers and bands have already made their reference to the radio with well-known songs. One of the most famous songs is video Killed The Radio Star by The Bubbles. Queen sang Radio Ga Ga, and The Corrs called their anthem direct and straightforward radio.

Infinite Variety

The rise of podcasts throws the importance of radio back from the past. You have given the medium a new meaning. After all, this medium also struggled with not too much attention for a long time. But that has changed dramatically in recent years. With some basic equipment, knowledge, and will, anyone can become a radio star. Podcasts have not only conquered the Internet but have also become an integral part of the classic media world. Any topic is welcome if it is done in a structural way. The media use podcasts to illuminate the background of stories better and for interviews. What YouTube was to the video sector, podcasts are the same benefit to the audio industry today.

Everyone who wants to realize themselves now has all the possibilities to do so. The listeners decide what topics are trending, as a result, everyone can find the audience. Large providers such as Spotify provide extensive libraries of podcasts in their systems, thereby binding their customers even more closely to their traditional music offerings. The golden days have dawned for radio fans. You can access the content that you want to hear at any time. The internet offers the appropriate technical quality and at any time of the day or night. People declared the radio dead so many times, but it has always reinvented itself. It will be exciting to see where the journey is going.

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