The Many Jobs Behind the Scenes in Radio

Working in Radio

The thought of working in the entertainment industry is something that appeals to many people, but not always for the right reasons! Often these jobs come with a perception of a certain lifestyle, however, more often than not, success depends on many things not least of all hard work and dedication. When it comes to the area of radio the idea of hosting a show as a DJ and playing your favorite music all day may be the overriding image that motivates you to consider a career in this field. Naturally there is more that goes on behind the scenes than in front and because the opportunities for being front and center in this way may be more limited, it could be a wise move to take a broader approach to this career path.

The Options

You may be surprised to discover just how many different career paths you can pursue in this industry and some of them may be easier to enter because educational choices lend themselves to this genre or previous job experience may be adapted to the requirements of this field. If you have an interest in fact finding and writing it could be that journalism is the thing to pursue and working in this capacity for a radio station can be very satisfying. College courses specifically for this will naturally help but be determined to show initiative and try to volunteer for local or community stations in this area to show your willingness to learn. Often stations will offer internships which again afford you an opportunity to explore different avenues and discover your interests and skill set.

Like any business the day to day concerns of keeping the station running have to be managed and this may be a combination of the station manager and the production team who are more specifically responsible for the programing. If this more organizational role appeals, consider taking some business classes that could also include marketing, an aspect of the business that is vital to the success of most stations that require the support of advertising and sponsorship. If you have any similar experience in business, you may well find this a useful skill that could give you the edge and it can of course do no harm to include this on your resume.

It is most likely that your way into a career in radio will be a gradual process that will involve a good deal of more diverse and sometimes menial tasks but ones that will give you the chance to gain on the ground experience and make contacts. Radio stations spend a good deal of time promoting events and collaborating for causes so you may enjoy this aspect, helping to plan and set up events, dealing with the public directly or perhaps handling correspondence with listeners.

If technical skills are your thing, then obviously the avenues for this are extensive from those required to keep the shows on air in the studio, to the many jobs required to support the road shows and events mentioned. All in all, the scope for employment in this diverse industry is certainly out there so if this is your passion give it a shot!