The History of Sports Radio

Sports radio has always been very popular and is a great way for sports enthusiasts to keep up with what is happening with their favorite teams. They can listen to a game and hear the score. It is the next best thing to actually going to a game or watching it on TV.

How It All Started

Sports radio has its origin in Kansas in 1911. Information on a football game being played in Missouri, between Missouri and Kansas was sent by telegraph. This was a way for the fans back in Kansas to find out what was happening and could follow the game. By 1919 in Texas, people would read out over the radio the information on games that was received by telegraph.

Live Radio

It didn’t take long for audiences to get the idea of broadcasting live. After all, the excitement of a game is really when you do not know what is going to happen next and you are listening to the action moment to moment. In 1920 the first broadcast of a sports event over the radio was by WTAW radio station and was the transmission of a football game between the University of Texas and Texas A&M University. This was a local college game that was being broadcast, but soon people got the idea that maybe they should do radio broadcasts of teams playing in professional leagues. So, soon there was a broadcast on Thanksgiving Day 1934 of the matchup between the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears, also two football teams.

There was also a live broadcast in 1921 in Pittsburgh and it was on a boxing match. Later, a baseball game was transmitted as well, also in Pennsylvania. This was radio station KDKA which also broadcast college matches of various sports, even tennis.

The Nature of Sports Radio

Sports radio at first was just a broadcasting of action and scores in a match. It also later came to include commentary about players and about players’ stats. There were panels of experts that would discuss and analyze games and the respective players. A program entirely dedicated to sport came about in 1964 in New York.

The first all-sports network was Enterprise Radio Network which debuted in Connecticut in 1981. However, it did not last for very long before shutting down. Today in the United States there are still sports radio stations that also often broadcast on television. One example is ESPN, which is a national sports channel on television, but also has a radio show. ESPN radio has podcasts available on its website, and it follows the major events in such leagues as the MLB, NHL and NFL. Many of the big television networks in the US such as NBC and Fox also now have sports radio stations, so the trend to broadcast sports radio has continued.

There are many sports fans who like to tune in to television and to radio to know how their favorite team is doing, and also to listen to discussions about players’ stats and so on.