Notable Moments in Radio History

Radio has been in existence for a long time and there have definitely been some notable and memorable events at various stages over the years. The first radio show was a Christmas show that was broadcasted from Massachusetts on Christmas Eve in 1906. Another notable event happened in 1938 when Orson Welles transmitted a play that was based on the War of the Worlds novel by H.G. Wells. Apparently, many people listening thought it was a real alien attack and there was some panic in the United States at that time. The whole drama lasted an hour long and was really a simulated newscast that people mistook for a real newscast. The drama was very realistic and had sound effects to increase the realism of the piece. It still remains one of the best dramatic productions on radio of all time.

Pirate Radio

Some people decided to start up pirate radio stations to avoid the regulations present in certain countries. To do this they often broadcast from boats in the sea. This was a trend that began in the 1960s and 1970s in European countries such as Sweden, England, Denmark and the Netherlands. In the later 1980s there was a large proliferation of pirate radio in the United Kingdom, and today there are still many such stations that remain active.

The Internet

The development of computers and particularly the internet was to have a massive impact on radio and the continuing future of it around the world. The very first internet radio was radio HK that arose in 1995 and broadcasted using a CD. Limitations of computer hardware and software made streaming video and audio a problem for many years, as files would not easily load into memory which meant that they could not easily be streamed over the internet. However, eventually technology advanced further and streaming radio became a reality. Thus, today one can listen to many songs from various genres, and different radio programs online at various websites, without too much trouble. You can also now often download podcasts of programs through the website of some of the radio stations. Some new radio stations are actually only internet radios that are only transmitted via the internet.

Satellite Radio

In the early 2000s satellite radio came about. This was to be a major change in radio and really made even more channels and programs available for people to listen to. In the United States, Sirius XM radio came about but required a person to pay a subscription fee which, depending on how much you paid, would allow you access to music or other programs. Satellite radio has since spread to other countries around the world and seems to be very popular judging by the number of subscribers that there are.

There have been many notable and memorable events in the history of radio and the reality is that radio is here to stay and has been an important part of our lives for countless years.