Is Radio Dying Out?

Many people today question whether or not radio is going to exist for much longer. After all, it appears that technology seems to change increasingly quickly and what was popular yesterday is not so much today. You just need to consider how we have changed from VCR machines to DVD players, and now Blu-Ray players to see this rapid change in technology. Surprisingly though, radio has not died out… it is simply changing to fit with the changes in technology.

The big change in technology came when analog communication was largely replaced by digital methods. Radio has adapted to this change and today we are increasingly seeing new radio stations developing that use digital means. The increasing development of the internet to the point of now being able to deliver music and videos has also had a big impact on radio.

Today many of the new radio stations stream over the internet and some such as XRAY.FM in Portland, Oregon, plays new music in great variety of styles. It is also on 24 hours a day which makes it even more popular in the Portland region.

An internet only radio is Dublab in Los Angeles which also allows people to download programs. America is not the only country with internet only radio such as this, BBC 6 in the United Kingdom is also an internet only station that is very popular.

People can choose to subscribe to satellite radio like Sirius XM in the United States. The service is popular despite requiring a subscription fee. There are different levels of access depending on how much you pay, and you can get access such as listening to music channels to also having access to comedy channels and talk shows. This radio had over 30 million subscribers by 2016, proving that it was fulfilling a need. The benefit is that people do not have to listen to commercials and they have a range of options available.

What are the advantages of radio?

Radio will always play a role in society because when electricity goes out, a battery-operated radio can still work. This is how people can get warnings about weather and important notices from government officials. The importance of this is seen in countries such as the United States where weather-related natural disasters are common.

Another benefit of radio is that you do not have to pay for public radio, so you can still listen to music without having to pay for each song. It is also a great way to keep commuters awake and entertained especially when driving long distances. So long as radio plays a role in society it will not go away anytime soon. In fact, millions of people around the world rely heavily on radio. There are parts of the world where this may be the only contact people have with government and with the outside world. It is a source of news, information and education. Not everybody has access to computer or even smartphones which is why they depend more on their radios.