How to Set up Your Own Community Radio Station – Part 2

Take Requests

Audience involvement is so important and really helps listeners connect with your shows and your station. Feedback early on can be invaluable, helping to keep you on track and aiming directly towards your target market in the process. An easier way still to connect with these listeners is to take on song requests. These will help them to feel even closer to the show, keep them listening out and bring them back to listen again in the future. You can do this by perhaps creating a contact page on your website, better still encourage them to contact you through social media, get a hashtag on the go so people can get involved and it’ll help further build up that community feeling.

Social Media

It should come as no surprise when we say that you must have a social media presence for your station. Again, your target audience will dictate what and how often you post on it but it’s certainly as, if not more vital to your station as a website would be. Social media is an excellent way to drive listeners to your station, not only can you post advertisements and information that people will have fed to them as they brows but you can also use it to get involved with the listeners too. Don’t simply limit yourself to the obvious choices like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter though, really get out there. Try other like Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Tunein for more specific services. Another great way to engage is to sign up to Reddit, you’ll find a great responsive and engaging community there. The term social media is broad and you’ll want to take a similar approach, try to get as much information out there as you can over as many mediums as you can think of.

Social Media


Creating a memorable brand for your station is incredibly important, it is essentially the face of your station and will give new listeners a hint as to what you’re all about. Once again knowing your audience will help you out majorly here, try to create something that appeals to that market. Think as well of your station’s genre, is it talk radio? Music radio? Maybe its falls under religion? Whatever it is try and revolve your station name and logo design around it. If you aren’t too strong with your Photoshop skills it might even be worth hiring a professional (or persuading a local one) to create a logo for you, it’s crucial that it looks high quality, otherwise people simply won’t pay attention to it.

Broadcasting Formats

Finally think about how you want to broadcast your show, there are two ways you can do this. Live or automated. Personally, I’d suggest combining the two, people enjoy listening live and it helps you to provide character to your shows, having someone speak to your audience. It isn’t always possible though so having times when you can just throw out tracks on an automated basis can come in very handy, particularly early on. Remember, you want to constantly improve on your station as time goes on so look at making future plans, what works and what doesn’t, you’ll have an excellent station in no time.