How To Pursue A Career In Radio

Why Choose Radio

Today the popularity of the internet has perhaps given the impression that the radio industry is dwindling. Whilst it is true that music can been easily downloaded and accessed there is something that this medium does not supply and that is the human element, so significant to the genre of radio. So if your passion is to be involved with the radio industry in some way be assured there is still a market out there. Local radio stations are in fact able to tap into a growing trend toward community and the need for people to feel a connection that they may have lost with the demise of the extended family.

Career Paths

As with any career in the entertainment field there’s more to it than meets the eye. The personalities that are front and center presenting shows are only as successful as the team behind the scenes that ensure everything runs smoothly. With this in mind an individual who has a passion for this medium will be willing and prepared to work their way through the ranks of more mundane but equally vital jobs.

Local radio stations are a wonderful way to start and often will be able to offer internships that can give individuals an opportunity to experience many facets of the industry. If it isn’t possible to find a willing local station, there may be a community station that will be happy to have local volunteers or perhaps check out the local hospitals which often run their own stations and are happy to give willing volunteers some experience. If a career in radio is a definite goal, it might be worth exploring the kind of college courses that could be beneficial, such as journalism, business administration or communications, depending on which side of the industry most interests you. Don’t forget that like any field, radio functions on many different levels and it would be good to get familiar with these before deciding the direction you will take. If being a technician appeals it make sense to get some occupational training but if you want to focus on sales and marketing a business course would be more appropriate. It maybe that production holds the most interest for you or the type of management position that comes with actually running a radio station. The list of possible jobs and the ways to succeed in them is wide and varied so it makes sense to do the research and talk to people already in the know. This brings us back to the value of seeking out internships or any opportunity to volunteer, perhaps even at a college or university station, to get that vital hands on experience and just an opportunity to evaluate your interests and skill levels.

Ultimately like any thing in life, if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing well! Having a successful career in radio will undoubtedly take time and be down to a lot of hard work, some lucky breaks and a determination to do whatever it takes. Be prepared to start at the bottom but be determined to show a willingness to learn and be a team player, and you will have every chance of fulfilling your dream.