Great Current Audio Dramas Made for Radio

Since the dawn of radio to present day there has been no shortage of amazing radio dramas that have captivated audiences all over the world. From the early adventure of Superman to the world-shaking broadcast of War of the Worlds by Orson Welles that left people in a state of panic, hoping they were safe from the alien threat that was surely upon them. It’s amazing how much these radio plays can capture our imagination, so much so that even in a world of film, TV and videogames we are still listening to them. Thanks to the invention of the smartphone we can now listen to them wherever we go and they are perfect for those long commutes. Here are a few current dramas that are sure keep you entertained, wishing that your commute would last even longer.


First up we have Tumanbay, a show perfect for anyone wanting a historical fiction with all the twists and turns of the smash hit series Game of Thrones. It’s a multi character piece and tells the tale of a powerful city in the East based on the Mamluk Dynasty of Egypt. It’s a slavers bay but change is coming and its sweeping across the city fast, you won’t know who you can and can’t trust, in fact it appears everyone has a secret of their own and you’ll be gripped to every episode. It’s currently on its third season so you’ll have plenty to wade through and catch up on, this is absolutely my top pick.


Homecoming is another series filled with mystery and intrigue however this time we swap grand historic setting for present day USA. This has proved so popular that Amazon have created a TV series of it for their streaming service. It’s a psychological thriller follows a therapist who aims to help soldiers returning from war get back to their normal life, though the project she’s working for is perhaps not as wholesome as it may first seem. To say any more would certainly ruin the plot but that doesn’t entice you it also has star studded cast, the show stars Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac and David Schwimmer. Give the first episode a shot, the intrigue will hook you I’m sure of it.

Norse Mythology

Based on the book by none other than Neil Gaiman and tells the beloved stories of the Norse Gods. Hear the tails of Odin, Thor, Loki and plenty of other gods, dwarves, giants and monsters as you never have before. These are an excellent representation of the stories, the sort of telling which will have you laughing, crying and wishing there was more. What’s really great about this series is that the whole family can tune in and enjoy it, in fact it makes for a great bedtime story. The series was produced by the BBC and also has a great cast featuring Diana Rigg, Derek Jacobi, Natalie Dorma and Colin Morgan.